Kernel 6.7.0-1 problem

This morning (jan 14) I just updated from kernel 6.7.0-0 to 6.7.0-1 and both my wifi connected peripherals stopped working (keyboard and mouse). There were ok on 6.7.0-0 and they also work on my fallback kernel 6.6.10-1 so it looks very much like a problem with that kernel only.

Hi @unmasked,

Sounds like a driver. Specifically a USB driver. But I might be wrong.

Is everything working well in an earlier kernel? More specifically 6.1, since that will be maintained for 10 years! If so, you can switch to it, rather.

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Are you using logitech unifying receiver?

That is what I have done for now.

Yes I am.

Well that is weird, 15 jan now and both wifi peripherals are working again. So I guess this is solved but I don’t know how, it was nothing I did. It wasn’t rebooting either, I did a couple of those yesterday without success.

Who knows?

Thanks for the replies anyway.


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