Kernel 6.6.x EEVDF scheduler

With the kernel 6.6 some new EEVDF scheduler was introduced. In theory it should be like a good thing, but for me it’s a UI lag fest. Because by default it seems to nice:19 a lot of stuff I actually want to be responsive and reniceing them back to 0 manually is just tedious.
Is there some way to make a white or blacklist of applications it doesn’t touch at all?

cat /proc/sys/kernel/sched_autogroup_enabled
If it is 0, then you can
echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sched_autogroup_enabled

This is already 1. What now?

Seems strange. This is automatic group scheduling. You may try to disable it, but it is irrelevant settings for you as I see. Could you explain which processes you want to renice?

isn’t nice values something you tell the scheduler, not what the scheduler changes by itself?

doublecmd – switching between tabs is instead of being instant, with like 1-2 seconds lag. after renice’ing back to 0, it’s back to normal.
firefox – not all, but 2-20 threads out of 200+ I have seen being put to nice:19. which in turn makes switching tabs and even like clicking the search or address bar task take like 2-5 seconds time before the field becomes editable. after renice’ing back to 0, it’s back to normal.

also Discord, konsole, kate (and some background stuff like baloorunner and kaccess and kgpg and ksmserver) – but as I don’t feel any lag there, it doesn’t bother me there.

weirdly enough for Discord and kate and konsole I don’t feel any lag even when they are at nice:19, but for firefox it’s like really sluggish.

so whitelisting doublecmd and firefox for starters would be like nice thing to achieve.

Sounds weird. All these applications start with nice 0 by default. Naturally, they should not run with minimum priority. It looks like you have changed your system settings for this and need to rollback them.