Kernel 5.9 no virtualization

I gave linux59 5.9.0-1 from unstable a try. The virtualbox modules (dkms) do not compile for it. That is not realy a surprise.

But gnome-boxes, which uses libvirt, is not working either. It does not even show me the boxes I already have setup. When I boot back into kernel 5.8 the boxes are still there, but with kernel 5.9 I do not see them and I can not create new boxes.

This is for a Ryzen 7 processor and I had to set

options kvm ignore_msrs=1

to make gnome-boxes work even with kernel 5.8

I just saw that with

options kvm ignore_msrs=1

the module crashes with kernel 5.9. Without that option, gnome-boxes is running fine.

This is an interesting difference to kernel 5.8. With kernel 5.8 this option is mandatory for Ryzen CPUs otherwise it is not starting the vms with this error:

AMD CPU doesn't support hyperthreading. Please configure -smp options properly.

If you can get your hands on the stack dump, I suggest you report it on the appropriate channels - if you haven’t already done so.

just picked virtualbox-dkms from arch-testing (only change is compatibility with Kernel 5.9) and virtualbox is working fine with that.

Thanks for the tip. Works fine here too.

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