Kernel 5.4 panic; etc/mkinitcpio.conf illogic

Hi everyone,

so it’s been 14 days and about half a dozen updates requiring rebuilding the kernels since

I respectfully suggest that this ought to be enough time for the maintainer of such a critical issue to fix it himself, even in summertime.
It’s not an issue isolated to the op of the previous post, but also happens on the two machines I have running manjaro.

Interestingly, according to the .conf itself, this error shouldn’t happen, although I witnessed it being compressed via zstd multiple times now, but the comment reads:

# Use this to compress the initramfs image. By default, gzip compression
# is used. Use 'cat' to create an uncompressed image.

Also I don’t see a selector for the compression, just the multiple methods listed in my file, but as stated before, the issue shouldn’t even occur, so would the team kindly fix it themselves and provide a corresponding update?! @Yochanan


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Those comments should be updated, because apparently, it now uses zstd compression by default. And the 5.4 kernel does not support an initcpio compressed with zstd, so there are only two options…:

  1. Update the comments in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf to make it clear that the default is now zstd, and officially drop support for 5.4 LTS; or…

  2. Return to using gzip as the default compression type for initcpios and keep on supporting 5.4 LTS — as we should, because it’s an official long-term support kernel from upstream.

@Rollingthunder, if you have another kernel installed — later than 5.4 — or you can boot up from the live USB and chroot, edit your /etc/mkinitcio.conf, uncomment the compression entry for gzip, and rebuild your initcpio(s) with… :arrow_down:

mkinitcpio -P && update-grub

You’ll need to do this as root or with sudo, of course, but if you’re doing it from within the chroot, then you would normally already have escalated your privileges and thus be root. :wink:

You make a selection using the list there by “uncommenting” the appropriate line. This means removing the prepended # … in your case for gzip:


You also probably want to update grub afterwards:

sudo update-grub

lzop may be a reasonable selection for better speed and compression than gzip if you must stay on such an old kernel. But note you will need to have the lzop package installed.

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Fix what?

Older kernels do not support zstd compression, that’s why we still use gzip.

There’s nothing to escalate. Please do not ping the entire Manjaro Team.

Turns out I was wrong. See below :point_down:

Which is apparently not true. @Rollingthunder isn’t the first person to report this, and as they stated in their opening post… :arrow_down:

My apologies, it was my mistake. Found it. Fixed with mkinitcpio 36-3.

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