Kernel 5.4 doesn't start after update but 5.10 it starts

Hi !

I just updated my Manjaro KDE sysetm with the latest 150 or so packages and kernel 5.4 doesn’t start anymore. Error: linux unable to mount root

But with kernel 5.10 it starts. I tried to reinstall 5.4 but the same error appears.
I prefer to use 5.4 because 5.10 doesn’t recognize my external monitor while 5.4 recognize it.

If someone could help me fix the monitor issue for 5.10 or the booting of 5.4 it would be great!

I have dual boot Windows/Mnajaro with Refind as boot manager.

Thanks for taking the time!

See this:


This post from the update announcement may be of help to you:

Edit: @moson beat me to it.

Fixed, retriggering ISO builds …

I installed one more update and now 5.4 it works. Thanks!

How about why 5.10 doesn’t recognize my LG external monitor? (while 5.4 does)
There’s something I can do? Thanks!

Open a new unrelated thread by providing enough info for people to help.