Kernel 5.19-rt and updates with Add/Remove software

I am running the 5.19-rt kernel, and everything is running good. But if I use the “Add/Remove Software” application, it wants to update a ton of packages, and most importantly, it shows the current kernel as 5.15.78 and wants to upgrade Linux kernel to 5.15.81. In a terminal, uname -a shows kernel as 5.19.0-3-rt10. How do I correct this issue.

You probably have both kernels installed, and 5.15 received an update.

However, 5.19 is EOL and you should switch anyway to a supported version.

There is no more Linux 5.19 RT in Manjaro. You got the 5.15 RT or the 6.0 RT (you’re on Testing branch).

Keep informed if you install and use non standard and non LTS kernels, on their current life cycle and existence in Manjaro. Announcement threads are here for that. Branch compare website too.

//EDIT: it actually was removed from Manjaro more than a month ago… followed by the normal 5.19 quickly after.

Update your system completely with Pacman from terminal sudo pacman-mirrors -c Global && sudo pacman -Syyu then open your System Settings, go to Kernel page, install 5.15 RT or 6.0 RT, reboot on it, then remove your non existent 5.19 RT kernel and modules.

Other than what was already mentioned, why are you running an RT (Realtime) kernel to begin with? Most people do not need it.

Then update. Anything less is unsupported on a rolling release distro.

Tip: Always have at least two or three kernels installed. For example, I always keep the latest mainline, stable and LTS kernel installed. Currently that’s 6.1, 6.0 & 5.15. At least keep two LTS kernels. See

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As I said, I have 5.19.0-3-rt10. kenel, and the 5.15.84-1. I tried all the other 5.19 branches, but none worked on my hardware, in fact, nothing past 5.15 worked on my hardware except the 5.19rt kernel.
My hardware: gigabyte b660m X AX motherboard, Intel i7-12700k CPU, Nvidia 960 GTX graphics.

So as a general question, if you have multiple kernels, why would manjaro try to update the wrong kernel with updates needed by the other kernel, which is not currently loaded/running. IF one has 5.10 and 5.15, and you boot into the 5.10 and try an update, it shouldn’t see the 5.15 branch and try to install 5.15 updates.

To be updated.

Please post the output of pamac update to let us see what’s actually going on.

You’ll need to set the ibt=off kernel parameter.

I highly doubt that.

Of course it should install the updates as the kernel is installed. Why would it matter if it was the running kernel?

I have 6.1 and 5.15, I boot into 6.1 but would still want 5.15 to be updated just in case I need to fall back to it.

Indeed, what he wants would be PARTIAL UPGRADE state which is NOT SUPPORTED in Manjaro, and would break video drivers for Nvidia for example, on one or the other kernel depending on what additional package he blocks from updating then. It is technically possible, but highly “not recommended” if you want functioning system, on all kernels. In this situation then better remove all kernels but the one you want to keep.

Thank You!! Exactly what was preventing my setup from booting properly.