Kernel 5.19.14 on manjaro

Dear Community
I wanted to install Kernel 5.19.14 but it is not available on manjaro, but it’s available on and is labelled as stable… manjaro repositories offer 5.19.13-1. will the stable kernel be available on manjaro soon? and if not, How can I download it from
Thank You Very Much

It’s available in Unstable branch.

Why unstable branch? It’s labelled as stable on

Because that’s how the branches work.



Branches are separate software repositories containing different packaged software versions, they allow for software to be tested by the team and the community before reaching the end user. This happens in a constant cycle, meaning that you get a rolling release and never need to reinstall your operating system to acquire a new version, updates roll out to you automatically! The default branch is stable if you wish to change, have a look at Switching Branches.

Arch Linux

While some packages come from Arch Stable, others come directly from upstream or are patched to ensure stability.



Unstable branch is more close to upstream and synced frequently, security packages get fastracked to stable when possible.



Testing branch is a middle ground were packages mature before going down to stable.



Packages reaching stable have already been tested for some time in the other branches. The package testing process does have a fixed time frame, it gets to stable when deemed ready.

Oh Ok Thank You!!!

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