Kernel 5.16+ ISO schedule?

Just wondering if there is a schedule or calendar for Manjaro ISO coming with Kernel 5.16 or higher?

My hardware requires 5.16, so it’s just useful to know for a fresh re-install.
But also generally it would be good to know if future version news exists.

On the same machine or a new one?
Fresh install is only necessary when the system is totally broken and unrecoverable, and because there is a new ISO doesn’t mean you have to fresh install from it.
I have seen no plans to default to Kernel 5.16 for new ISO, and the newer one is Kernel 5.17-rc7 (on unstable branch) so it will take some time to become stable and then considered to be default.

Thanks. Yes, I have 2 partitions & 2nd is manjaro, I was thinking of repartitioning for manjaro only as I use it exclusively. My personal files are on another internal drive.
Maybe I could merge, but safer to assume a fresh-install may be necessary.
Normally I would just upgrade.
Also, Id like to keep a USB drive handy with an ISO, just in case of disaster!

There will be no isos with 5.16 kernel. New default might be upcoming 5.17 (most likely) or even 5.18 (less likely).

You can create your own ISO using manjaro-tools-iso-git

I remember there is a Manjaro Wiki which tells how to build it but I cannot find it now, maybe @omano can help?