Kernel 5.15 in Virtual box freezes after 1 hour of use

Hi There,

This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this issue. I’m guessing it has to do with my Windows Nvidia or some related drivers?

Basically when I install certain distros including Manjaro right now (latest stable) on Virtualbox 7, ,during use of the OS it would freeze after 30min or 1 hour of usage of regular web browsing or navigating around the system.

Freeze as in I need to shut down the VM from the Virtualbox controls. Any ideas? Thanks

You are running Windows - and VirtualBox on it
into which you installed “certain distros including Manjaro right now”?

… and then the issue is that the system running inside VirtualBox freezes while using it?

That is how I understood it.
and the reason may be lack of RAM available to the VM

This would really be a Windows problem anyway in this case …
could be mitigated by creating/having actual swap space for the various Linux installations inside VirtualBox

Thanks for replying. Yes you are correct about my original post.

I actually thought about that so I increased the memory to 4GB. And honestly that would be very disappointing on Manjaro or any other linux distro’s end. There is no efficient management of the resources of the OS? I wasn’t even doing anything intensive just web browsing and that’s it. I was hoping it was some Drivers of the GPU as I’m on a laptop and I disabled the intel GPU and the host system is only using my Nvidia 3070ti.

The GPU for the system running inside VirtualBox is just virtual - as is everything else for the system inside the VM.
The hardware of your real machine is not relevant.
Every device the system running in the VM sees is … virtual.

There is - using swap partitions/swap files
if you can’t provide more RAM to the VM.
4 GB is not that much and may be exhausted pretty quickly.
That is what swap is for …

Thank you I think I got it.