Kernel 5.15 and nvidia-dkms with latest nvidia driver

I decided to install kernel 5.15 and everything seemed ok until I rebooted to a black screen.I could get into the terminal with ctrl alt f2.I rebooted and selected kernel 5.14 and everything was fine again.I remembered that the latest nvidia drivers philm suggested removing linux***-nvidia and installing nvidia-dkms which worked.Looking in /var/lib/dkms/nvidia I saw there was no build for 5.15.I rebooted back into 5.15 and reinstalled nvidia-dkms and ran mkinitcpio -p then rebooted and now everything is loaded.My question is that the proper way to build the nvidia driver when a new kernel such as 5.15 comes out or is there an easier or better way.

The dkms method is the method that - usually - works every time.

I use it for virtualbox and nvidia - the benefit of using dkms is that your kernel modules is rebuild on kernel change.

You don’t have to rely on pre-built package - the downside is the extra time taken to build drivers.

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Thank you for the reply.It it did work with no issues and I learned something as well.

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