Kernel 5.11.1-1 - "Separate boot partition not detected" message

I updated my system today and switched to the latest 5.11.1-1 kernel.
I have a weird message in the progress status window :


It says : “Separate boot partition not detected”.

The problem is that i do have a separate boot partition, as below, /dev/sda2 is my separate boot partition :

df -Th | grep “^/dev”
/dev/sda6 btrfs 30G 9,4G 20G 33% /
/dev/sda6 btrfs 30G 9,4G 20G 33% /.snapshots
/dev/sda2 vfat 96M 25M 72M 26% /boot/efi
/dev/sda7 xfs 49G 26G 24G 52% /home

Do you think this is important or i can just skip this message ?

That doesn’t look like a system message but a backup application message (TimeShift???)

If yes: ask the application people
If no: Please elaborate…


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That’s it !!! The message comes from grub-btrfs !
Thank you :heart: !

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