Keeping file when installing Manjaro from other distro

Hi, I’m planning moving from Pop OS to Manjaro. I need to install Manjaro without losing my home files but I need to delete all the config on home directory.

I have different partition of home.

Welcome here @crystalshower,

you need to identify those folders and files you want to keep from your /home, back them up and then install Manjaro from the scratch.

So I need to move those files manually before installing?

A wiser idea would be to create a separate partition for your /home folder. During the install you can select the partition and have it be mounted to /home.

Yes, I have separation partition of home directory. But I’m afraid that will cause any problem with the config file.

Not sure I understand. Any config files in your /home folder will work correctly. Linux doesn’t care if a folder is actually a partition.

Indeed, it will. :wink:

So I need to move those files manually before installing?

You can do that backup any way you want. Just have a backup. :wink:
A complete backup of /home to some other, external, storage medium before the installation is the safe way.

If you want to keep your /home partition you can choose to use that during installation.
you need to delete all the hidden folders/directories in it before you start
(with the exception of ~./.mozilla and ~./.thunderbird and ~./.config/chromium and such - as these contain your browser data and e-mail)
You should delete all the hidden folders/directories and copy back those that you need using your backup after the installation - it’s probably easier that way.
Not deleting these will most certainly create a mess in the new system.
Be sure to use the same username - also to make things easier.

A clean installation and then restoring anything you need from backup would be my choice.

Wow, thanks for tips. I’m going to install then. Wish me luck!

It does not make much sense to keep the whole /home from Pop OS since configs could be different. You will mess up your install just from the begin. Backup specific files you want to keep and not reuse the rest of - that’s the smarter approach. :wink:

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