Keep manjaro 19.0 after update packages

Hello everyone, I install manjaro 19.0 on my laptop. After I use the command “sudo pacman -Syyu” to update packages. But when I check manjaro version, it is 21.0. I want to keep manjaro 19.0. Please tell me how to solve the problem.
I tried using the command “sudo pacman -Syu” but it only downloads and installs very few packages and is missing a lot.
Many thanks!

Manjaro is Rolling Release so you can’t t stay on a version.


If you want Manjaro 19 just don’t update or install anything.

Manjaro is rolling release – that mean with updates you receive new “version” when you update system or install something (partial updates are unsupported – you can’t install or update only one program).

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Not sure an Arch based distro is best for you if you don’t want your system to be constantly updated. If you don’t keep an arch based distro upto date sooner or later it will break


Linux Distrowatch search: Release Model: Fixed

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