Kdialog -as a file picker in browsers- does not show preview (thumbnails)

Greetings everyone:

Kdialog can not display thumbnails (as a file picker) on my internet browsers, any help will be appreciate.

Using an unstable branch on 2 different laptops, using Dolphin with no issues at all.

Most browsers are GTK apps (Firefox, Chromium etc) which use the GTK file picker dialog. QT file picker (normally used by KDE and QT applications) has thumbnail preview feature but GTK file picker does not.

You can manually make Firefox use the QT file picker instead by following this Arch wiki page. Not sure how to do this on Chromium based browsers though. Also see this similar thread:

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It’s not kdialog related afaik. Check what type of .jpg these images are because I’m not sure that dolphin can show webp previews, despite you having most probably qt5-imageformats already installed.


$ file 7254081.jpg

it is, without kdialog I get previews from all images.

I deleted thumbnails folder and reinstall some related apps without success.

Dolphin shows all previews even video files.

I’m aware of that but it’s not the case, without kdialog (qt) the gtk file picker works fine, could it be some problem related with qt, kdialog or xdg, I even switch&try with other kernels.

Thank you :relaxed: