Kdenlive crashes on render

Hey good people. So, I’ve been experiencing a lot of crashes ever since my Kdenlive upgraded to 23.04.1. The crash happens on render (project>render) then crash (it doesn’t even bring up the little dialogue box to set my render). Its getting a little annoying. Any help on how I can fix this?

PS: this didnt happen with kdenlive 23.04.0. I’m using Manjaro (6.1.31-2) KDE.

This will help share more comprehensive system info

Run from terminal to find out why it crashes, only when the reason is found we can start looking for solution.

Just an FYI, the kdenlive.appimage in the AUR works very well, ever since switching to the appimage I can’t say when the last time it crashed. Just be sure that breeze and breeze-icons is installed.