Kdenlive always crashes when I try to apply transition to video

I’ve been using Kdenlive on Manjaro for quite some time, and it always worked without problems. However, now on my new Manjaro installation (about 2 months old) the latest Kdenlive always crashes when I try to apply the simple “wipe” transition between two video segments. When I click the upper video segment, instead of getting this transition it just freezes, and after some time it also closes down (crashes).

If I run Kdenlive from terminal, this is the last several lines it shows before the crash:

WARNING: Unknown type : "fixed"
 = = SET EFFECT PARAM:  "aligned"  =  0
WARNING: Unknown type : "fixed"
 = = SET EFFECT PARAM:  "fill"  =  1
END parsing of  "wipe" . Number of found parameters 4
qml: TRIM AREA ENABLED:  false
qml: TRIM AREA ENABLED:  false
qml: loaded composition:  4951 , ID:  16 , index:  0
compo request resize to  60 , ACTUAL SZ:  1 ,  true -59
compo resize  16 4951 - 5010  /  4951 - 4951
qml: TRIM AREA ENABLED:  false
compo resize  16 4951 - 4951  /  4951 - 5010
kf.i18n: Trying to convert empty KLocalizedString to QString.
unhandled object type
unhandled object type

I also tried to install Kdenlive using Snap, and the same problem occurs there as well.
I updated my system via Pamac a few days ago, so it should be up to date.

Could somebody please help me fix this issue?

Isn’t that the legacy way of doing transitions? Might not work with GPU enabled features … I guess you have to convert the project and disable GPU.

Not sure what you mean by legacy way of doing transitions… But I noticed it crashes even if you drag any type of transition onto the segments between which you want the transition.

How can I disable GPU?

I looked a bit more and it appears to be a recognized bug in the latest version of kdenlive, regardless of the form of installation:


I found an older version of kdenlive in AUR and it works without any glitches or problems. The wipe issue doesn’t occur.

Since it seems that the bug has been fixed, I think it would be good to update the official version of kdenlive in Manjaro repository with this latest fix so that it doesn’t happen again. Same for the snap version

Some modules are only legacy, hence sometimes removed from build as described in the release notes. For example here Kdenlive 21.08 is out | Kdenlive

And older project that use those effects can crash, as commented by someone in that bug report.
The fix was pushed to release 21.12 that will land in January 2022.

I see. But I didn’t use any older project. I started a new project from scratch and the issues with crashing happened with that new project. So I doubt that it’s what you’re implying. Besides, the wipe transition is pretty much the most used transition, so it’s unlikely it was pushed to the legacy status. It is available in the latest version even if you just right click on the mouse/touchpad.

They mention tho on this release note, for Kdenlive 21.08.3 released | Kdenlive that:

but no other issue related to wipe composition effect. Kdenlive 21.08.3 is available on all our branches.

Hello @Antarmanu71,
is the problem solved?
If not, try to delete or rename this file by appending a - at the end:
Have a look at what is set for you. I had mlt6 for a while - and Kdenlive rendered very incorrectly.

If all this still doesn’t help, keep asking, I’m not a specialist, but very interested in Kdenlive. It is a very important software for me.