Kdelibs issue since last update

Just updated and I had to restart like 3 times, so my latte docks showed up again.

I’m also having trouble upgrading the package kdelibs from the AUR. The package was first installed on the same day that I fully setup my PC, so that makes me believe that this is something Manjaro installed? Is this package obsolete? Apparently it’s linked to the packages breeze-kde4 and oxygen-kde4.

yes, this package is no longer maintained in aur, but it may be useful for you if you use some old app for kde4 !?
who use this package:

pactree -r kdelibs
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I already uninstalled the package yesterday since it wasn’t from the Manjaro repos and therefore almost certainly not required. I haven’t noticed any issues yet and the breeze and oxygen themes, which seemed to be the only connection to the package, are still available in the settings.