Kdeconnect not getting paired with already paired devices unless specifically opened

I have use kdeconnect in past , and notifications were fluid would come on desktop as soon as they appear on phone.

Switching to manjaro brought a issue where for sometimes after booting up it works as desired but suddenly it stops and it shows there are no device on network, Unless i go to Kde connect settings and refresh it or i run kdeconnect-cli - l on terminal

kdeconnectd is running in background , pregp kdeconnectd gives me process id

Well done you.
Refresh does nothing for me except make me wait until it is finished with no positive outcome.
Today when I plugged in the phone out of habit disks and devices popped up and informed me I was good to go with browsing files and folders - and I had a happy time transferring files from my hard drive to my sd card.
I also visited kdeconnect tab in System Settings and was startled to see that the words on the page said: No device selected. ??? this was when I was still browsing the darn thing and could see it on the Removable Devices Section of Dolphin.
Don’t know what is going on.
Next session when I plugged in the phone for another transfer and browsing session nothing happened except the Devices and disks popped up again but this time only showed my External Hard drive which was already plugged in and recognised by the system.
The Internet is littered with queries and pleas for help from a misbehaving kdeconnect - spread over years. Sometimes there is a bug that is fixed.
All these help requests are usually accompanied by replies that all is well on whatever distro they are on at the time. No pattern whatsoever. It could be manjaro today (it is manjaro for me today and yesterday and the day before) and neon or ubuntu or debian tomorrow ad infinitum.
ps.Your second command should probably be: pgrep