KDE windows and applets are left-aligned after update of qt5-wayland

Sorry if this is the wrong category, but you make it as hard as possible to report bugs.

So after this patch was included in the qt5-wayland package (5.15.5+kde+r38-2 from the testing repos), all KDE applets and windows are now left-aligned, e.g. the start menu, loudness applet etc.

So I recommend to revert the version to 5.15.5+kde+r38-1 in the testing repo and to keep this version in stable and not update it for now.

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The patched version is in Stable and Unstable but has not been updated in Testing yet.

stable 5.15.5+kde+r38-3
testing 5.15.5+kde+r38-2
unstable 5.15.5+kde+r38-3

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Ok, problem is now solved, it seems that I can’t close this topic.

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