Kde will not boot to a desktop

The kde Packages-Desktop as seen in the iso profile have no dbus files or x11 files and the are not in Packages-Root either.

With the above files being missing you can build an iso and put it on a usb stick.
it will boot and even get to the sddm screen. It can not start the live session because of the missing files.
The missing files need to be added to Packages-Desktop or Packages-Root. @philm

For your info kde-dev does boot to the live session so that’s what I have been using.

Can you be more descriptive of the actual issue, and provide relevant information? It’s very vague right now.

Can you post some log files ?

Only sensible reply anyone can give to such a statement is: “Uhmmm OKAY… and your point or question is?” :woman_shrugging:

In other words be more verbose about what exactly you were trying to find and why.
(Inclusive your assumptions)

See first post its been edited.

Then i have no idea, because my Manjaro-KDE iso just boots properly, i even installed this version using it.
But your thread title suggests you have a totally different issue as what you describe now…

Maybe file an issue at their repo instead?

I don’t think it’s a kde isure as it is whoever put the kde iso profile together and has missed some files.
Also as I mentioned the kde-dev iso profile does work.