KDE Wayland session won't start

I have installed plasma-wayland-session, and when i try to simply login there it works, but i can’t edit display settings (it shows “No Disman backend found. Please check your Disman installation” message), everything is a bit laggy and animations work weirdly.
Then i tried to install these packages (excluding kdisplay-kwinft, which appears to require full DE reinstallation to be installed):

yay -S kwinft wrapland-kwinft disman-kwinft kdisplay-kwinft

And when i try to start a wayland session i just get a black screen, and my monitor tells me there is no signal. It remains stuck until i try to switch to another TTY, then it finally returns me to the login screen.
That’s what jounalctl --user has: https://hastebin.com/share/yuqixabima.yaml
I assumed it mainly argues about xdg and wayland QT plugins, but reinstalling them didn’t change anything.

Remove disman, kwinft and wrapland and use normal kscreen and kwin.