KDE theme, black?

I want a black theme, the dark themes just make windows dark gray.

There’s bound to be something here:

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You can create a color scheme to fit your needs:

Edit a color scheme close to your needs, and save as yours.


Or, there’s the tried-and-true method:

Create a dark colour scheme:


That won’t work if you’re say, at home. You have to be at work for that to work…

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How much of it will you need for a 56" screen? Especially in 16K resolution … :laughing:

Gently-Dark-Global-6 works well on my system.

I’ve switched to Breeze Black on this one. It’s intended for plasma displays but looks OK on the laptop screen.

I don’t know. Try it, and report back. :wink:

But I don’t like dark mode, so I would have to use white polish.

Or, tooth paste.

This looks particularly good on glossy Mac screens …

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