KDE system tray icons?

How can I maje them white? I configure it has no option.

The icons are determined by the icon theme you have installed, but if you’re still on Plasma 5.27, then the applications themselves may also be responsible for the icons in the system tray.

You can try installing another icon theme from store.kde.org.

To add to the reply above, if you are using Plasma 5, then the tray icon colors are more likely set by the desktop theme you are using rather than the icon theme. You should get light-colored icons if you choose a dark theme.

I recommend that you open KDE’s System Settings => Appearance => Plasma Style & select a dark theme such as Breeze Dark. You can also click on the “Get New Plasma Styles” button to install more themes - hopefully you will find one that you like (there are lots to choose from).

Also, please note that some themes do take their system tray icon colors from the KDE color theme that you are using (such as the desktop theme I use, Peace-Color-Plasma).

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Something to keep in mind is that sometimes there may not be an icon available for a given application. The logistics are simple - there are a vast amount of applications available that a user might install; and whoever creates the icon sets will likely not be aware of those beyond that which they deem most commonly used.

Well, that would have to be a rare application then — it’s not impossible, but it’ll be rare — because which icons must be provided for by the icon set is normally determined by the XDG standard.

Admittedly, not as common now, but more likely when the onus is on the app maintainer to curate an icon set. A far greater annoyance was the occasional odd sized tray icon (with some applications) when using XFCE, for example.

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