[KDE]-Strange Things Happening With Dual Display?


Running current Manjaro KDE 64Bit.
Yesterday I connected a second display to my desktop.

Strange things are happening now with new dual display:
(1) Desktop effects keep turning off?
(2) “Do Not Disturb” keeps turning on?

How would I stop two things above from happening with dual display?
Let me know, thanks!


For the first thing I recently have been made aware of an old KDE bug. Try to enable the desktop effect background contrast, and see if that fixes the issue of desktop effects being disabled/crashing.

For the other issue, I think it may be some kind of feature, not really sure, maybe look into power/screen settings to see if you can find a relevant setting regarding that.

Using an nVidia GPU with current proprietary nVidia Linux display drivers…

When the desktop effects are disabled and “Do Not Disturb” is enabled,
I get the following message:

Desktop effects have been suspended by another application.
You can resume using the ‘Alt+Shift+F12’ shortcut.


Yes because the desktop effects have been disabled/crashed. I gave you the fix for that issue already.
The ‘do not disturb’ thing is unrelated.