KDE splashscreen time too fast

I’ve would like to know if it is possible to let my splash-screen play for the full duration? My computer loading speed is too fast, and skips part of it. Is there a way to define how long the splash screen stays on for?

I know this is a weird question but I really like the splash-screen I downloaded, and I used to see it all with my HDD, but now I have an SSD, and it just isn’t satisfying any more.

Cheers in advanced

Heh. Create systemd service with sleep command or something. And make it required by/before graphical.target. :man_shrugging:

ROFLMAO - I just had this issue - I found an amazing tree animation, but it only has about 1 second before it’s wiped out.

TBH the solution is to give up on ‘loading time animations’. One of the reasons I hate windows with it’s endless dotty circles… but if anyone can go into more detail, a tutorial perhaps, then I’d go with BeautifulTreeAnimation - KDE Store beautiful tree animation splash screen. What’s yours?

Change Animation Speed - it affects the speed of the splash screen