KDE Properties Window (Permissions) & Editing Panel Icons

Hello I recently installed Manjaro 21.1.1 to use on a Desktop Thinkcentre M700 this is my “go-to-desktop” 27" display etc… Here’s my problem… I use a particular icon set “Sardi Archway Ghost” on this and other machines I own, but the with most icon sets for KDE they are incomplete. So, I “create” an icon for an App that doesn’t have one. But of late, I can’t SAVE the edits I make in the “Properties window” the “OK” button stays “greyed out” a “permissions” issue? How do I correct this? This is the “first” time I’ve run across this! This is actually occurring on several “laptops” I have for “distro hopping” Can you point me in the right direction? Thank-You Phillip

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If the option is greyed out, then either the application is actually a widget or applet that uses its own built-in icon and does not accept another icon, or the launcher itself is owned by the root account and not by your own account.

Certain things do use root-owned launchers, and you cannot change their icons. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the reply, but I’m still confused… One example, an App I use on ALL my machines TAUON MUSIC BOX can’t edit… But, the same app on Kubuntu or Debian 11 laptops I use I can change! No issue!
I’m only concerned with the “panel” icons make a difference? Phillip

Did you install that from the AUR or is it a Snap/FlatPak?

Well, there is a difference between a regular panel icon and a panel launcher created by pinning the app to the task bar widget (as you would do in a dock). And then there are also the launchers that can hold multiple icons. All of those respond differently.

Tauon Music Box was installed as a “Snap or Flatpak” in Kubuntu & Debian 11 distros… I think I see your point. Where can I get a broader understanding of the “properties window” ? Phillip

I’m not sure what you mean by that. It’s only a generic dialog. Maybe you’ll find the information you seek at the KDE Userbase Wiki?

Well, as I stated in the Subject line, “Permissions” they can be changed within this dialog, what occurs? I need to understand this more, I’ll read up on the KDE wiki, I actually looked at this prior to my question(s), but didn’t find much, I now have more to go with. Thank-You for your assist! Phillip :wink:

Hey!!! I think my problem is solved! I discovered the KDE Menu Editor! This eluded me, and it works system wide! All of my custom icons for “Archway Ghost” are now complete. Panel looks great, Launcher(s) look great thank’s to a video just posted by “eBuzz Central” - “Manjaro KDE - Fixing Pixelated Fonts and Better Icons”

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