KDE presentation mode

I’m on manjaro KDE.

The Display Configuration tray icon allows me to enable “Presentation Mode”, preventing the screen / computer from turning off manually. I want to utilize this possibility in a script, but can’t find how to switch this on through terminal.


EDIT: Activities and power settings works like a charm!

Is this helpful?


If you create a Presentation Activity, you can set it to use custom power settings mode as described here

so you don’t need any script, you just switch to that Activity.

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Thanks. I should have have mentioned I already looked at that askubuntu page - I thought they wouldn’t apply to Manjaro. Tested now, and typing those commands seem successful, but achieves nothing. Presentation Mode is not toggled.

So 'llI try to create a presentation activity (never used activities before, seems like a good idea) - thanks for the tip!

Manually or automatically?

Maybe another option is to click on battery icon in system tray and on top of the popup widget you have ‘Manually block sleep and screen locking’, if that’s what you are looking for.

Haha, that should be “automatically”, yes!

That battery option seems to do what I need as well - I missed that one.

But activities seems to be an even more convenient way of achieving what I need. Thanks for your input!

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