KDE Plasma won't start AND my computer won't connect to my network

Here are the modules my install uses that the live session doesnt:

  • uinput
  • i2c_dev

Here are the modules the live session uses that my install doesn’t:

  • sg
  • b43
  • cordic
  • ssb
  • mmc_core
  • pcmcia
  • st
  • pcmcia_core
  • overlay
  • isofs
  • bcma
  • dm_snapshot
  • dm_bufio

NetworkManager.service was disabled somehow. I started it and enabled. On reboot I have Wifi.

Thank you so so much!

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Your problems,information,solutions are all over the place …
But I selected one of the comments that best encompasses the most - that you had a bad config file leftover, should not remove extra packages, need a working kernel. (to get you to plasma)

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