KDE Plasma Theme is a mess

Hello, I’ve recently tried to uninstall gnome and move to kde, but now I have a problem with KDE themes. Here is the appearence of my KDE settings:

I have tried to change qt5ct settings and kvantum settings, but it’s still a mess, some regions are white, some are black; All of these aside, animations are really laggy and I can’t even install themes because I get a network error. What should I do know? I really like to migrate to KDE without uninstalling manjaro

it’s for gtk desktop ! not for kde

in global theme, select Breeze
in “theme - plasma style”, select Breeze.
After, we can play in “theme - colors”


Oh! Really? I think I’ve messed up! Now what should I do?

He just told you.

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System SettingsColors and ThemesGlobal Theme:

Select one of the Breath or Breeze variants. See if you like either as they are; if not, make custom changes via the other options below Global Theme… Colours, Application Style, Window decorations, Icons… you get the picture.



Yeah, at the time the edit was not there

Thank you so much for your solution. I have done this, set theme to KvAdaptaMaiaDark, and I expected everything to be fine; But still have the same problem, it seems some parts of these applications does not follow these rules or something?

gtk apps ?

in theme - application style, at top right, we have a tab “config style for gtk”

is old good for plasma 6 ???

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GTK apps seems to work fine right now, and yeah I have even tried changing that; My main problem is with KDE Settings itself

Did you do exactly that? Uninstall Gnome, and then install KDE?

If you did, that opens the door for all kinds of unpredictable… especially with theming. :wink:

Usually one should just Install afresh with a new Manjaro KDE ISO.

Another possibility is that you still had themes (and other cruft) from Gnome in your User folders; that can get messy too.

Plasma 6 also requires fully compatible themes. Using any that are not will often result in what appears to be broken windows, panels, etc., as well as odd colours.

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Have you cleared the cache, logout and then login? Sometimes that helps.

Isn’t there a way to just reinstall these themes from scratch or something? And no, I haven’t completely uninstalled gnome yet

No, not if they are not compatible with Plasma 6 to begin with. The best you can do is search for a fully compliant theme that’s similar; or use the default globals (they are decent enough).

That’s what I thought.

You will no doubt experience many issues resulting from a mix of Gnome and KDE; possibly leaving yourself in an unsupported state.

If your /home is not on a separate partition, you might be best saving your data and performing a fresh install of Manjaro KDE.

If /home is on a separate partition, you could perform a fresh install, and create a new User account (while keeping your old one in tact).

This is worse case scenario, but I’d probably recommend it anyway, for the sake of maintaining a clean system.


Hmmm since I don’t have many issues, I don’t like to reinstall manjaro; But thanks for your help.

If you’re going to use a kvantum theme, then you must explicitly set the application style to kvantum, and then it will load whatever theme was set in the Kvantum Manager.

kvantum themes are SVG-based.

Hmmm… Installing multiple DE’s and expecting them to coexist nicely is never a bright idea; however, it’s your machine to do with as you may see fit. I can only wish you luck.

For any help given you are most welcome; even though it was clearly not what you wanted to hear. :wink:


Hello again to everyone; I tried a lot to fix it, and finally, I’ve managed to fix the issues mostly.

I leave my solution here for future users trying to switch from Gnome to KDE Plasma without uninstalling their OS.

The main issue was the conflicting themes; caused by packages that managed KDE application themes under Gnome; for me, it was mainly qt5ct, qt6ct, and kvantum, plus some other packages that I don’t remember explicitly, sorry about that:) You can find their names in arch forum I guess,

After that, please pay attention, you should reinstall almost every KDE plasma theme, including breeze and breathe themes. After that, enjoy your new KDE setup.

I must warn you that it does not reset eveything 100%; There is still some conflicts that I haven’t figured out yet, mostly, it is about icons, and I guess it is because of packages that I haven’t uninstalled for gnome yet.

But just take a look at the result, and believe me, it is mostly resolved:

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