KDE Plasma - Task Switcher no longer renders window thumbnails and broken desktop effects | How do I restore thumbnails when switching windows with global shortcuts?

KDE Plasma used to display window thumbnails when I’m switching windows, however an update a couple months ago changed this behaviour. I’m no longer sure when this happen, thinking that it will “fix itself” but clearly this won’t happen. Any ideas how this could happen and how to fix it? I’m pretty stumped seeing that my google-fu found no one with an issue similar to this.

See these settings.

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This is the one I’ve been using since installing Manjaro. I’ve tried all other task switchers but the results didn’t change - still no thumbnails.

Not sure if I should make a seperate issue later, but most desktop effects no longer work too. This might be related but I’m not sure.

Which driver you use? Try change GPU driver or Compositor settings. It may be useful.


Oh wow, thanks! Desktop effects and window thumbnails have been restored. Apparently, there was something wrong with the compositor settings (there was a red notification bar telling me that at the top of the window, I forgot to screenshot it). So I reset to the default settings and window thumbnails (along with desktop effects) have been restored.

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