KDE PLASMA suddenly very unresponsive + faulty

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I recently installed the latest version of KDE Manjaro. It performed really smoothly until something weird happened. First of all, my desktop suddenly started being VERY jittery and it was constantly freezing. Same goes with my application menu (+whatever I typed, would suddenly freeze and get deleted). My idle CPU % used to stay at 1%. Now it will stay up to 30% idle which is really bad. I would highly appreciate it if someone could spend some time helping me out, since my Linux adventure had just started and I don’t want to go back to Windows…

(-I have tried both open-source and proprietary drivers.
-Have reinstalled Manjaro more than 3 times
-Have checked task manager and it definitely isn’t baloo’s fault. It’s plasma’s)

Laptop : HP 255G7 (amd version)

This is my solution, but my KDE is not a recent installation, I have with Manjaro several years. But it is this post, there is another additional solution (apart from mine) that could be useful for you.


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I actually saw a post similar to mine and you gave a good solution that actually helped! I may try this one too if I reinstall my system. What I did to fix this was to remove and reinstall some packages. Don’t remember the packages I reinstalled though…

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