KDE Plasma session not booting

I have just installed Manjaro-XFCE on my laptop (I am a total Linux newbie)
I additionally installed KDE Plasma 5 following a guide on Wiki.Manjaro “Install Desktop Environments”

Wheen booting I get to choose the DE. Whenever I choose KDE (displayed as Plasma X11), it casts me to a black screen, hangs for a couple of seconds and then casts me back to the log-in screen

How can such an issue be fixed?

Hi @i_cannot_computer, and welcome!

Why would you need multiple DEs? If you searched the forums, you’d quickly have seen that it is not recommended at all. Especially not for, as you put it

You are definitely going to run into other problems as well, so I’d recommend you choose one, and reinstall that one.

You can log on to Xfce and inspect the logs from there, if you wish.

Can you, please, elaborate on:

I’d recommend you choose one, and reinstall that one.

I have XFCE installed as default, but I would like to try KDE out. How can I replace XFCE with KDE?

  1. Backup your data.
  2. Reinstall Manjaro KDE.
  3. Restore your data.
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Welcome to the forum!
Follow Mirdarthos advice. A couple of questions: Are you new to Linux in general or to Manjaro? It sounds like you are completely new to Linux (and that is great), we are all at different stages of knowledge.

First: Before you do anything, it is a good idea to read the Manjaro wiki to learn some more about Manjaro and Linux and how to properly use the OS. The more you read on it the more things will become clearer later on.

Manjaro wiki

Second, how old or new is your computer? KDE can use more computer resources than other DEs on older systems.

To see if a particular Manjaro DE is compatible with your computer you can use a LiveCD to check Manjaro out without installing it first. This is good to see if your computer will work with that particular version of Manjaro.

The Manjaro user guide will guide you as to creating a LiveCD:

Manjaro User Guide

Once you decide what version of Manjaro you want, install it using the user guide making sure you back up any data you don’t want to loose as well as making sure you have the right drive to install it on!

Linux is an ever present learning process, but it is very rewarding and the support you get on this forum is some of the best I have seen. Ask away and we will help you the best we can.

I would suggest that if you want to try something else then what you have installed is to use a live version of Manjaro with the desktop you want.
Write the ISO to a thumb drive and boot from that thumb drive
Mixing desktops is a bad idea, especially on a rolling release. It can give all kinds of problems.

KDE doesn’t work well without SDDM display manager. First you should see what the logs are telling you after a failed attempt (journalctl -xe -b). Then, if it can’t be easily fixed, you should try to replace the DM you’re using with SDDM (Install Display Managers - Manjaro).