KDE Plasma Power management including battery health

I have updated to the latest bios now and set limit for battery charge to 80% in bios. But still the battery is charged up to 100%. This problem has appeared some updates ago, probably of KDE Plasma.
After bios update also I reinstalled tlpui but once again setting standby mode and waking up the PC ends into a blackscreen. Only hard shut down helps for restart.

There is definitely something wrong with the power management of KDE Plasma.

I had this on my asus zenbook, the advanced power setting would reset to 100% after reboot.
i went to the arch wiki and followed this. Not sure if it would apply to you or not though.

ETA: i used 86 not 60.

told you to change it from 80% to something else …
are you dual booting windows? if so, try to limit it in windows, and see if that helped…

I do not use dual booting. I use pure Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma.
… In bios there is not setting of percentage, only battery long life setting or somehting like this.

I will try it out and let you know.