KDE Plasma >>> Plasmoid for Quick-Access to bash-script folder?

Hello everyone!
This is my very first topic in this forum, since i switched to lovely Manjaro a few weeks ago.

Im searching for a plasmoid, which provides some sort of

  • Icon to add to taskbar
  • Specify a individual root folder
  • As someone klicks at the icon, a dropdown appears, showing all files in the root folders
  • Having the ability to navigate through folders
  • Whitelist filetypes which shall be shown
  • Ability to recursively search in folder (with wildcards / grep)

I have a “Script” folder, where i bundle all of my common frequently used scripts.
Having a sort of “Quick-Access” dropdown to execute these *.sh-files would be a super nice addition to the very versatile KDE Plasma desktop

Does anyone maybe already know a plasmoid, providing this feature im searching for?
Sadly i think im not experienced enough to create a plasmoid like this by myself :roll_eyes:

Folder View plasmoid can do it.

Krunner and main menu have searching ability – you can exclude unwanted filetypes/folders in baloo configuration. Unfortunately from wildcards only asterisks works.

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Thanks a lot.
You are right, that both of these plasmoids kind of do the job.

Im using Favorite Folders now.

Maybe there will be some time to try making a plasmoid by my own, wich could then be more specific.

Thanks for your time!

Now there is a bash script, doing the perfect job and can immediately be executed via keyboard-shortcut

See here:

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