KDE Plasma: Only one activity uses wallpaper as thumbnail

I recently found activity feature, very useful. But something is bothering me.
One activity have wallpaper as their thumbnail. The other is completely blank and I have no idea why.

What might be the problem?

If the resolution of the wallpaper is too high, then it may take some time to load.

On my system here, my second activity has a very-high-resolution wallpaper — I think it’s 12K, but my monitor is “only” 1920x1080 — and it too takes some time before it actually shows in the popup activity pager, but it does eventually show if I wait long enough. On the first load, it takes up to five seconds to show in the pager. On subsequent loads, about two seconds.


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Oh you are right! Looks like the image is the issue. Most (probably all) built-in wallpaper are giant and my monitor is also “only” 1920x1080. I’ll just provide my own wallpaper then.

Thank you for your assistance.

This doesn’t happen to me unfortunately.

No, the stock wallpapers supplied by either Manjaro itself or by the KDE developers come in different resolutions, and Plasma will normally use the ones that most closely match your screen resolution.

There could however still be a problem with the wallpaper in question, so best is to try a different one. You can of course choose one of your own making, or that you downloaded elsewhere — you don’t have to use the ones supplied in the repositories. :wink:

From my understanding, they are not. At first glance, it may looked like they came in different resolution. But those different resolution files is just a symlink to a bigger one.

I haven’t checked all wallpapers but many of them are like that.

weird. I dont understand the point of making misleadingly named symlinks…
Maybe it was supposed to be a btach resize operatioin that didnt work out?
IDK … I cant think of any reasonable justification for doing it the current way on purpose.