KDE Plasma Manjaro Application Automatically Switches


I recently downloaded Plasma KDE from Manjaro website and been using it for a couple of weeks. The issue i’m currently facing is that when I have multiple applications running and I try to switch between them, it doesn’t let me switch it to the application I want to and automatically switches to the application I was using before that. This happens for 4-5 times and it switches between 5 applications and then it lets me use the application I want.
The applications I use are (and these are running at the same time and all the time):
GoLand, DataGrip, API Dog, Slack, Google Chrome, multiple terminals running docker containers.

I will give an example for better understanding the issue if I couldn’t explain it above.
Lets say I have all the applications running and I’m currently working in Goland. I switch to DataGrip by pressing Alt + Tab, it shows that I have switched but as soon as I click anywhere on the screen on that application, it switches me back to GoLand. Now I will switch back to DataGrip but it will switch me back to GoLand or Slack or Chrome or API Dog etc. This will happend for 4-5 times and then I will be able to use DataGrip.

I thought the issue was with my installation, I even switched laptop and installed the same version but the issue persists.

My kernal Version is and manjaro KDE Plasma version is 6.0.4.

Thanks for the help in advance

Alt+Tab will always take you to the last application used, and “scroll” through applications by the order they were last used.

If you have the respective effects active, you have other options, like Meta+g, Meta+w, Ctrl+F7, Ctrl+F9 or Ctrl+F10.

Try to change the Switcher to another one, and also the order of windows while switching

Plus like what @mbb said, you have other options to switch between windows


+1 to Medmedin’s first screenshot, switching Sort order:
from Recently used>Stacking order should make the difference when alt+tabbing.

As a general rule, rolling release distributions such as Manjaro are best kept up-to-date. KDE Plasma 6.0.5 contains a number of fixes; maybe one of them addresses your issue.

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Thank you for replying. I know Alt+Tab takes you to the last application used, that is what I want to do but when the application switches to the last one I used and I click on the screen, it automatically switches to other applications.


Thank you for replying. I don’t think this is the issue. The issue is that even if I try to switch to the application I want to switch from the icons in the task manager, the applications opens but as soon I click on the application, the screen switches.

I was thinking of installing some older version because mine seems unstable.

Try changing this value… :point_down:

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You might also consider switching to an LTS kernel (6.6 for example). I don’t suggest this as any specific cure; however, lesser issues can sometimes magically disappear with a change of kernel.