KDE Plasma Login Screen Bug

Hey there,

I have just recently installed Manjaro KDE and everything except one single thing has been working. Sadly that thing is not that small of an issue. Every time I lock my system, I get thrown to the old Login screen which is not the SDDM installed one.

I cannot login from that login screen, it just says: Unlocking failed. Maybe that is because I have no password, however I feel like that would not change the following.

Because I cannot login I press ¨Switch User". I now am redirected to my SDDM Login Screen. The Bug occurs right here:
I cannot type with my keyboard
If I can, I can login with no password (because I don´t have one), however as soon as I get past the Login Screen, the Screen is fully black. Nothing works. My Hz Rate on my main monitor is also downplayed to 60hz.

I suspect KDE is having an issue loading itself up or is caught on the old Login Screen. I really would appreciate the help, it ruins productivity, is frustrating and I also have to hard reset my machine every time this happens by pressing the power button. I cannot find a solution online.


Setting a password now allows me to log in through the standard login. This really helped things. I will come back and update, if i experience the same issue on the SDDM Login one.

i am still experiencing the same problems after pressing: ¨Switch User¨

I think that what you’re calling the “old login screen” is actually the KDE lock screen. Maybe it looks different from SDDM because it has different theming set. After presssing “switch user,” SDDM might not let you open a second Plasma session because it knows you have an open Plasma session already.


Is there any solution or workaround for that?