KDE Plasma - Graphic card driver?

Today I managed to install Manjaro KDE Plasma in my old desktop but blocked with display issue. Can somebody help to know the driver for Nvidia GeForce 7025/630a graphics card driver to install as not able to find suitable version .

Post the properly formatted outputs of:

inxi - Fazy


mhwd -li

At this point we don’t know anything about your hardware and software to provide anything useful, so the info from commands above would help.

That’s a really old card, and as @michaldybczak already said, an inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host would be the minimum required information for us to double-check which exact card it is as there are a few variants around… (Personally Identifiable Information like serial numbers and MAC addresses will be filtered out by the above command)

Having said that, you’ll have to install:

  • a really old proprietary driver from the nVidia web site
  • the nouveau open-source driver as they’re still under active development and are better for these old clunkers


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Yeah, the GPU is so old that it’s hard to find any info about it and it’s not even supported by Windows10 or 8.1. I doubt that any Linux proprietary drivers are possible for it. Nvidia site says that there are two driver versions for this:

15.49 and 15.37 - both released in 2009. Those drivers are not accessible in Linux nowadays.

Probably only noveau can handle it somehow, so I would stick with free drivers, but with such old card, even noveau can be capricious.

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