KDE Plasma Global themes do not carry through on everything?

This is my first time on KDE Plasma, I switched from XFCE due to scaling issues on 4K monitors.

I have tried Breth2 2021 Dark theme alongside others that comes pre-installed I have also tried sweet KDE theme and all of these themes have the same fault, it does not carry through fully.

Dolphin, settings menu and most other places I have tried (so far) follows the theme but, on add/remove software it stays consistently on the light theme.

is there something extra I need to do to get add/remove software to follow the new set theme or is this a bug?

I have the latest version of Manjaro KDE
cat /etc/lsb-release


Dolphin is a KDE/QT app, but the Add/Remove Software is a GTK app. It uses a different theming engine all together.

Go to System Settings → Appearance → Application Style → GTK/Gnome Style (button) and choose your dark GTK theme there.

PS: Breeze (gtk) will display a dark theme if your Global theme is set to a dark theme.


hi there.
i am using sweet theme, and my add/remove software changes to dark theme tho.

Thank y’all! When I get back home tomorrow I’ll try it out.

@av8r I would suggest that you install this GTK theme “pho-earth-adaptive”, it is a GTK4 theme, hence GTK4 will be installed. This theme will follow the color theme of whatever plasma theme that you install. I see this theme as a GTK theme problem solver. Once you use this for GTK, you’ll no longer have to hunt for matching GTK themes.

I second that - a great theme!

But installing the theme will not install gtk4, and the theme works perfectly without that package.

@flux you’re quite right. Just checked and GTK4 is not installed in my system.

Sorry for being such a newbie with this whole thing, but where do I get this theme and where exactly do I install it?

Download the theme, and extract it in ~/.local/share/themes/ then you can select it in System Setting → Appearance → Application Style → GTK Application Style (bottom right button)

I just tried it, and Pamac looks horrible for me (and it has the issues all other themes but Adwaita have in Pamac preferences too, so not up to GTK standards / not up to date, I would guess), back to Adwaita.

My personal preference currently: Materia Dark global theme with Adwaita Dark GTK theme.

Thank you very much! I will try it and see if I like it or not

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