kDE Plasma freezes Steam intermittently. (All kDE Distros not just Manjaro)

kDE Plasma freezes Steam intermittently.
Like the Title says. I’ve endured this forever.
This happens across Desktop PCs and Laptops alike. . . but is far worse on Laptops.
Remove powerdevil and issue goes.
Reinstall PowerDevil and the issue reappears.
Some games last longer before freezing than others. Proton Rocket League freezes around the 2 1/2. games mark.
I read a Steam Dev. forum they are aware of it.
They said its a kDE Dev. problem.

Its probably a kDE / Steam/ nVidia Dev issue…but as I said uninstalling powerdevil works.

I dont have a print of the logs.
I “think” the issue is that kDE PowerDevil doesnt recognise certain apps and activities properly and trys to execute.
The log had something like " failed to create invocation ----- discrete gpu helper ------ ck.
I’m not Mr Robot when it comes to coding and Linux.
I just want to get people looking at Powerdevil. I have reported this as a bug to kDE.
I get the impression of late that kDE is focused on UI and not fuctionality.
I was going to ditch kDE and go Gnome but I’ll reinstall Plasma on my machines and try to contribute to a solution. I hope this helps someone and someone that has the talent and brains can fix this.

The only people that can look at it and fix is (if is the issue) are KDE Plasma developers.

Actually most of the code was optimized and done so the functionality is more coherent.

Since this is not a help request, there is no system information we can relate, no driver information, no kernel version, i guess we can take it for granted … :man_shrugging: Or wait thill more KDE Plasma forum members and gamers can confirm this.

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I run steam on my KDE without any problem (especially after setting up optimus)

Try to disable applications to block compositing.

Does it help?

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no problems here either and I use a laptop.