KDE Plasma edition cannot boot after install

I try to install KDE Plasma edition. Calamares show successful message. But after restart system cannot boot. In other editions Manjaro use the same configuration partitions and it was ok. I don’t have any distros and Windows. I use always three partitions: EFI fat32 with flag boot, /boot ext4 and / btrfs. This conf works with gnome, budge, cinnamon, but no KDE Plasma.

Hi Pawef,
The Manjaro User Guide told you to flag the efi partition as boot and esp, which is not present in your system or you forgot to wrote it.
Here is the text of the guide on page 86.
Choose to Keep the content of the partition. This will make sure that the files used by Windows are not deleted. If you choose to format it, you will not be able to boot into Windows anymore, so keeping its con- tent is very important. Then, select /boot/efi as the mount point and make sure the boot and esp flags are checked. The mount point indicates from which directory the partition will be accessible once Manjaro is installed.
I can also ask you whether
Hope this help, regards

In calamares stricte you cannot add flag option esp. You have only flag boot, which you can add to mount point /boot/efi. It works with most editions in except KDE Plasma. Must to be probably bug in KDE ISO.