Kde Plasma dark theme issue

Hello All!
I try to set my system to use dark theme, but not the whole window switched into dark, my windows look like:

I am using the

  • Appearance → Global Theme → Breath Dark

  • Appearance → Global Theme → Application Style → Adwaita-Dark

  • Appearance → Global Theme → Application Style → Configure GNOME/GTK Application Sytle → Adwaita-dark

  • Appearance → Global Theme → Plasma Style → Breath Dark

preferences currently, but I have already tried almost any combination and some parts of the applications are still unreadable.

I couldn’t imagine what could be the problem. Could somebody help with my issue?


go to system settings/ global theme and set to defaults, click apply, then check if youre running x11 or wayland - system settings/sddm click behavior and whats under session