KDE Plasma 6 is coming out today. How/when do we update?

Plasma 6 is coming out today.

When will plasma 6 become available as an update through the package manager?


We have known this for a long time - when team has ironed out the quirks.

Please search before posting.

It already is … if you are an experienced user …


Member of the forum for 2 years. Spends next-to-no time on it (31 mins total, 3 mins recently). Last forum post was 2 years ago. Requests an ETA less than 2 hours after the MegaRelease is announced. :man_facepalming:


Hell, it’s got to be some kind of record!


Wow that was fast! :stuck_out_tongue:
I did search but couldn’t find any post that gives information about the release timeline.
This first link you provided results in an “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”
The second link only provides guidance to test plasma 6 from an unstable branch. This post is from November 2023 so I thought it was just a post to help people test the plasma beta releases. It does not provide any information about a timeline, the current status,…

I thought that maybe because today’s the big 6.0 stable release that maybe there would be an update available soon. :slight_smile: I couldn’t find any information about this therefore I created this post.

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If you’re that eager for a new, fresh and unstable release, why not use KDE Neon unstable?


It’s in the forum Member Hub - it looks like you haven’t been active enough to reach Trust Level 2, which provides access to The Hub. Trust Level 2 – Member


Because there is none …


I cannot tell you how much I love this post - it’s a kind of tradition here.

Anyway, TLDR, if you wanna play with Plasma 6, just get Neon on a ventoy disk or something.

We aren’t in a hurry, on Testing it’ll come soon enough, or (possibly) too soon - then on Unstable it’ll arrive about the same time as Arch kicks it into the mix and - well, good luck.

KDE has a slightly hasty approach sometimes to push things out on schedule rather than to push them out when they’re ready… which is why all Plasma users are crazy in love with snapshots and backups.


I only logged in just now just for the purpose of creating a post, 99.99% of the time I wasn’t logged in.
I was under the impression that the plasma 6 release was a stable one that’s been thoroughly tested. I don’t follow the in’s and out’s of manjaro development and am merely curious on when we can expect plasma 6 to be available.
Many blogs, devs, youtubers,… are talking about plasma6 and that made me curious.

My motivation for creating this post is because I couldn’t find the tiniest bit of information on the current status of plasma 6 on manjaro and to make it easier for the people after me to find the information more quickly.

Manjaro’s my daily driver and hearing that new stuff is maybe coming to manjaro gets me excited that’s it. :grin:


Good to know, then this post wasn’t made in vain!


We know, yes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While it might be, that doesn’t mean it’s implemented everywhere, either stably or not so.

Yoou don’t have to follow it to think, with logic, that 2 hours after the anouncement, there’ll be little to know about info for your question, now would you?

Anyway, this should theoretically help:


Haha, well… I’m here to learn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the recommendation! But I think I’ll just wait for the stable release on manjaro whenever it comes out.

It’s good to hear that stuff like this doesn’t get rushed out the door before getting tested properly. I was under the (wrong) impression that plasma 6 is stable and was pretty much plug-and-play when it came to distro-specific implementation. (I really don’t know much about the development process on linux and how all the different pieces fit together, please excuse my ignorance :slight_smile: )

Edit: Thank you for being to only person so far who’s willing to provide information without trying to insult/belittle me. I really appreciate it! :smile:


Ignorance can be excused. Willful ignorance, though…

As long as you learn something…


Click the arrows below for details. :wink:

Roadmap for the adoption of new software in Manjaro Stable.

Phase 1: Incessant and compelling user demand

Cybaby - Shiny

Phase 2: User Feedback

Crybaby - It not dont wurkz


Never used a backup with Plasma (or manjaro for that matter) and never had a big bad break since plasma 5.
But this will be a bigger transition.

Still, as noted just about everywhere…

“Plasma 6 Released” means they released it, the first ‘complete’ version of plasma 6. That does not mean its in manjaro today. Not Testing or Unstable Branches either. It is in Arch Testing, as it already has been for many weeks. When that moves into Arch regular then it will be snapped into Manjaro Unstable, and likely languish for more weeks before it finally moves to Testing, and similarly eventually into the Manjaro Stable Branch.

If you arent on Unstable … you wont be seeing Plasma 6 any time just yet.
Maybe in a month or 2.


See ya in unstable release branch from now on… We see us again after you complain about all the bugs and why you have to deal with it :crazy_face:


@Ben What’s a Snapshot? or a Backup? whatever :man_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, though:

Me too. I just keep several copies of important stuff and fix issues as-and-when. If the worst comes to the worst, I can always re-copy off one of the other disks. But I think it’s important for a lot of people to use stuff like Timeshift, etc…

Will we receive KDE Plasma 6 as part of a regular update, or do we have to select it somehow?

Also, I am reading that 6 is supporting better Wayland than X11. Is this true? We just need to simply install wayland packages and switch, or it may require more changes?

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There are no wayland packages. It’s only one. And I think it will get installed automatically (didn’t check).

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