KDE Plasma 5.26.4 system tray icon size issue

After the recent KDE Plasma update, I’m facing some issues with the system tray icon size. Tried to set the iconSize=1,2,3 in the “extraItems=” but had no success.

When setting the icon size to small it gets too small:

And when setting the scale with the panel icon size gets too big:

And when reducing the panel height to reduce tray icon size the size of icon only taskbar gets too small:

So, is there any way to set the max icon size limit for the tray icons?


Hi @zeeshanali1993,

There has been a similar question recently, so did you :mag:?

:bangbang: Tip:

Here it is:

I suggest you go through that, it might be it. If nothing else, it should give you a clue.

Hi @Mirdarthos,

I don’t have an issue with the icon spacing but rather with the icon size.

I understood so yes, that’s why I pointed you in that direction. Because, according to me, that would be changed somewhere, somehow in the same file.

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