KDE Plasma 5.23

PU: Quad Core Intel Core i7-4980HQ (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 2671/800/4000 MHz Kernel: 5.14.10-1-MANJARO x86_64
Up: 18m Mem: 2507.5/15881.5 MiB (15.8%) Storage: 931.84 GiB (2.2% used) Procs: 294 Shell: Bash inxi: 3.3.08

Can someone tell me when Manjaro KDE Plasma is going to update to KDE Plasma 5.23?

As in all other things…whenever the Stable Branch update is pushed, which is whenever its ready.
You are free to switch branches if you are impatient for it.

(PS - please use the search function. this is at least the 3rd or 4th time this has been explicitly asked)


Thanks for the reply

As 5.23 has too many bugs, I think the update will be > 2 weeks later, but Testing and Unstable has 5.23 a week before.

I am also waiting for the KDE 5.23 + Linux 5.15 + Manjaro 21.2 + Firefox 94 ISO

what are people waiting for in KDE 5.23 ?
i know that “Windows no longer become transparent when moving or resizing them” so i’m not eager to get that update.

For me I want the new overview and the ability to set custom accent colours in the breeze theme…

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It’s just a default behaviour, this effect can be enabled in settings again.


I’ve had 5.23 here on Arch since release and can’t say there’s anything buggy. :roll_eyes:


I ran the latest Kaos and Neon live iso’s featuring 5.23. Can’t say that there is anything about 5.23 that is making me want to upgrade any time soon. Meh.

I went ahead and switched branches, I am not a coder and cannot contribute that way. So I decided to test the unstable branch and see if I can help there. Everything I currently have updated seems to be working just fine.


Because your experience doesn’t mean everyone’s experience. If it has no bugs, there won’t be 5.23.1 and 5.23.2 issued just a week apart.

Hi, I just installed EndeavourOS on one of my SSDs and KDE 5.23.2 is already there.
I would say, that is unstable, KDE System Settings closes very often, same with Info Centre, Clementine freezes when stopped and Timeshift disappeared flew times for me. I only hope Manjaro Team will hold this update longer as new version is unusable from my perspective.

I have 5.23.2 on Testing branch since a bit of time now, I have no issue at all.

//EDIT: Even Clementine that I didn’t use before (installed for the sake of it now) is working perfectly. All other programs you listed work perfectly for me, I use them often.

I wish that would be a case for me. For last flew weeks I’ve tried Vanilla Arch and EndeavourOS and both after update to 5.23 (version I couldn’t wait for) made my system unstable on edge of unusable. Similar things were happening when KDE updated 5.20 if I remember correctly, waited long to all bugs fixed. To be honest, I consider jumping on Fedora boat as stabilising KDE will take some time.

Maybe. But is it relevant to talk about issues you have on two other OS? For what OS you want to use, I can’t comment, this is also irrelevant to me.

This is not like those os’es are completely different, Manjaro is based on Arch right? So if Arch suffering from instability that will come in some degree to Manjaro am I right?
Besides it’s not entire distribution problem but KDE Plasma on it’s own.

Manjaro may be based on Arch, but all single claims you had about issues in KDE 5.23.2 I can tell you are not the case on my computer (and apparently to my knowledge not on others’ computer too, look in Testing announcement thread) so what is your conclusion? To me it seems Manjaro is not a 1:1 copy of Arch and that makes the difference.

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