KDE Plasma 5.21.1 firewall configuration

Hi, all.

Just updated Manjaro KDE Plasma to version 5.21.1. One of the new features touted by Plasma is a new Firewall configuration panel in the “System Settings”. A screenshot I found on the web describing this feature shows that when in the “System Settings” app, if you do a search with the word “fire”, you are left with two results, “Proxy” and “Firewall” (refer to left-side of the image shown), however, when I do the same in my newly updated system (see right side of the screen shot), I only get “Proxy”, but no “Firewall”. In fact, I cannot find anything related to Firewall configuration anywhere in the “System Settings” app. As I have GUFW installed, I can access and configure the firewall that way, which is what I have been doing for years, but can’t see this new Plasma firewall addition anywhere. Any ideas?


Install plasma-firewall. It’s a new package.

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Sir, you are a Prince. Problem solved.


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