KDE Plasma 5.20

Any clue when we might see Plasma 5.20 released?

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If you have updated your system yesterday, then you should already be on Plasma 5.20.2.

The .iso images are only snapshots of the current state of Manjaro’s evolution, and the Manjaro 20.2 Nibia .isos are on the way, but Manjaro is a (curated) rolling-release distribution, and anyone who has kept their system up-to-date is now running 20.2 Nibia already.

I recommend that you would subscribe to notifications for the #announcements category. Every major update is announced there on a dedicated thread, along with a list of potential issues due to the update, and the explanation on how to fix them, should they arise.


If you’re interested in the new iso, here’s a hint:

Hello! I have the version 5.20.2 installed but i can’t see any difference on my system. Am i doing something wrong?

What difference are you expecting?

Updating packages, won’t change settings for you.

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I thought the system tray, taskbar etc will change automatically… at first.

An update must never affect user settings, albeit that the update may and will introduce new settings options and/or move items around in the System Settings.

That said, the update did pin three applications to my task manager. It was not supposed to do that.

Didn’t happen to me.

The only visual queue I got, was the extended notification icon tray now has large icons, compared to the “list view” it had before.

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