KDE panel is not showing active windows

My panel(task bar) isn’t showing active windows, so i only can switch between windows with shortcuts.

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What you first and foremost need to understand is that the panel and the task bar are not the same thing. In Plasma, the task bar is a widget on the panel, and I’m guessing that you have accidentally removed the task bar widget from your panel.

Right-click an empty spot on your desktop and choose “Enter Edit Mode” from the popup menu. Then right-click the panel and choose “Add widgets”. You will get a list of widgets on the left, and the ones that are already on the panel will show a number next to them.

If the task manager is not on the panel yet — there are two to choose from, i.e. a “classical” one and an icons-only task manager — you can drag it onto the panel. However, take note, because there may be a window list entry on the panel already, and this window list is one of the “alternative options” for the task managers. Right-clicking any widget on the panel will always allow you to choose one of the alternatives, and there’s a chance you did that earlier.

Once you’re done, right-click your desktop again and choose “Exit Edit Mode”.