KDE or other bigscreen linux OS for new 55" TV

I have an Asus PN50 (4700U) with 32GB ram that I want to retire from office use and re-purpose as an HTPC. It is currently running Manjaro KDE Plasma. I thought I could just install plasma bigscreen and I was set to go but from what I understand it is not so simple. Some blogs/wiki pages say I need KDE Neon.
I am after a full Linux PC OS with comprehensive repo’s so LibreElec won’t fill the bill.
Can anyone offer what the best solution might be?


You don’t need Neon or Kubuntu. Peeps claiming that need to sit down and shut up. As for which OS / Desktop to use I’d stick to Regular Plasma just for the consistency. So rather I’m using the screen on the laptop, plugging in a monitor to it, or plugging in my TV to it my work flow stays the same.

Thanks for your reply. This may be a stupid question, but how do I get the ten foot screen, or at least a screen that is usable from 6 feet away with a remote control? I intend to use the PN50 solely as a htpc, preferably using kde plasma.

So no switching to say a Roku, cable box, etc…? If so maybe the Plasma Bigscreen would be better for you. I would assume that it has someway to setup a remote, but that would be for others to answer.

I’m also interested in the bigscreen setup, despite the discouraging comment.

Nothing wrong with the replies in the thread, but you knew that before you made your post.