KDE Online Accounts Don't Connect Google Account

Hello, im running Manjaro Minmal Iso with KDE Plasma, but, since the last update i’m having many erros with KDE Online Accounts and Google Integration. It says “This Browser or app may not be secure. Try using another browser. If you already using a supported browser, try logging again” and i can’t logig with my Google account. But sometimes i can login with solving a google captcha, but when i try acess my Google Drive Folder in Dolphin it says “Expired or missing acess token for googlexx account.” I already use this feature and have no problems. But this time i’m having this. I already try Manjaro Full Iso in Live Boot, and i couldn’t even log into the account. Can anyone help me ?

Signing in on Google can be a real pain, especially if you use 2-factor authentication or haven’t enabled account access for less secure apps. You might even need to generate a special app password to sign in via KDE Online Accounts.

I strongly recommend that you follow the steps listed here:

Less secure apps & your Google Account - Google Account Help

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Thanks for your help. Working at least for now.

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